Dwight Woods: A JKD Practitioner, Instructor and School Owner

by admin on August 21, 2013


This was a special interview which I looked forward to (not that I don’t look forward to almost every interview… maybe with the exception of a couple…), because Dwight is one of those people who has all three parts down. Three parts you ask? A practitioner, instructor and business/school owner.

As a practitioner, he started off searching out the best JKD instructors and learning diligently from them. Even though this is commendable, numerous others have followed this path. As an instructor, he took his bumps and bruises, but through role modeling what his instructors taught him, he grew as a great teacher. Once again, great feat, but there are also a lot of great instructors in the world.

As a school owner and business man, he became obsessed with developing solid programs, and trying to reach as many people as he could. Once again, taking his bumps and bruises, Dwight honed his skills and runs one of the best JKD schools in the world.

It was a pleasure hearing from Dwight who has all of these three parts down in his life, and one who is still obsessed with growing each area of his life. He is a great role model now to others, and a blessing to the martial arts world.

Here’s a snippet of his audio interview:

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