Tom Cruse’s Commentary

by Matt on November 26, 2011

Please check out the full interview on audio with Tom Cruse, on the website above. In that interview we covered:

• How Tom’s Midwest upbringing affected his life.
• Tom’s first contact with JKD.
• What still blows Tom away, when he was honored by the military.
• What did training the SEALs teach him, and how it affects his teaching methods.
• How training and partnering with Paul Vunak changed his life.
• The experience of being with Helio Gracie at the UFC.
• The “bigger brother” situation which he relates to the UFC / self-defense training.
• The evolution of the UFC’s, and how it relates to JKD.
• How Tom and Paul Vunak changed the ground game with a little secret.
• Why people laughed when Tom first taught something new to his seminar groups.
• Why is biting just like shooting someone?
• JKD is the art of what? Tom explains…

Tom Cruse may give a lot of credit to Paul Vunak, which is not only true, but commendable. However, I hope this interview also shows Tom’s expertise, and how much credit he should give himself.

Tom is well known for his training of the Navy SEALs, and I thank him for sharing his stories and how to better our training in JKD. He then shared some great insights into mixed martial arts, and how the sport has evolved.

Just like the stories with the SEALs, simple observations is something anyone can do. However, what made Tom’s insights so valuable is that he explained how these insights can help any self-defense practitioner grow and have an advantage.

You see, one thing you’ll gain from the interview is that Tom walks his talk. If he hasn’t done it, he doesn’t talk about it, much less teach it. That is why I was very pleased he was able to take time out of his schedule to share some of those training insights with the newsletter. It’s not about making abstract insertions about how the military trains or why the UFC has changed. It comes down to how can practitioners use that information to improve their own game.

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